Kids and Youth Pastor Posted Dec 06
Oceanview Community Church , Canada (Vancouver Island)
Job Description for Pastor of Kids and Youth
Oceanview Community Church

The Pastor for Kids and Youth will direct and lead programming for early childhood, elementary, middle school and high school age youth, while seeking to foster Christian community. Modelling their own strong and growing faith, this Pastor will build relationships with families and young people, and inspire the youth in their commitment to the church and their walk in Jesus Christ.
Church Year Timeline
Regular Season Schedule
2nd Sunday in September 1st Sunday in June 2 Services (9:00 & 11:00 A.M.)
Summer Schedule
2nd Sunday in June 1st Sunday in September 1 Service (10:00 A.M. )

Each area of responsibility has a ‘Guiding Principle’ statement. These overarching Principles will not change. Each number below are current methods we are using to ensure the Guiding Principle is accomplished. These methods will change over time.
Core Responsibilities – Kids Ministry (60% of the role)
Guiding Principle #1: It’s not about childcare, it’s about inspiring children to learn what it means to follow Jesus
1. Teach a Sunday School class during the first service, attend the second service
2. Teach a summer Sunday School class 50% of the time
3. Recruit new teachers and helpers through personal ‘cup of coffee’ meetings
4. Build OceanKids Schedules (regular season and summer) that includes both teachers and helpers for the various classes
5. Choose the best curriculum you can find and adapt it to the needs of the number of children and physical space limitations
Guiding Principle #2: Ensure that kids are learning in a safe environment and that teachers and helpers are trained and protected
1. Ensure all teachers and helpers have a current criminal record check ongoing
2. Ensure that all teachers and helpers have successfully completed the Plan to Protect training
3. Ensure each class has at a minimum a teacher and a helper so that both our church and individuals have accountability and protection
Guiding Principle #3: Provide experiences and teaching so that both kids and youth develop a heart for the underprivileged in the third world.
1. Participate in the ‘Fraser Valley Gleaners’ trip in July for the purpose of:
a. deepening relationships with any kids and youth participating;
b. Offering and developing leadership in delivering the ‘fireside devotions’ each evening;
c. Lead the team in practical duties of organizing, food prep, clean up etc.

Guiding Principle #4: Serve our community, proclaim the Gospel and build connections with unchurched kids and families.
1. Organize and participate in the week-long kids camp in the summer
2. Encourage and connect junior helpers (aged out as campers) who still want to be involved
3. Follow up: with kids after summer kids camp (invitations for fall kick-off to Youth & OceanKids)
4. ‘Camp Scholarship Team’ membership ensures that OCC sends as many kids as possible (unchurched and churched) to Camp Qwanoes, Camp Imadene or other Evangelical Camp(s).
Core Responsibilities – Youth Ministry (40% of the role)
Guiding Principle #1: Inspire youth to understand and live out the vision statement of Oceanview Community Church ‘LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS & SERVE THE WORLD’
1. Events: Organize youth events for the purpose of developing relationships
2. Teaching & Worship: Foster a youth’s love for God through the Word & song
3. Service: Develop children and youth’s servant hearts to help them understand how & why they should serve the world
4. Missions Trip: Organize and lead a local or global missions trip
5. Develop healthy mentoring relationships with Youth Sponsors
6. Develop and Facilitate training in order to train up effective leadership team(s)

Guiding Principle #2: Youth have the potential to be dynamic and influential followers of Jesus Christ
1. Design a leadership development ‘pipeline’ which may utilize things like the ‘Step-Out’, C.I.T. & L.I.T. offered through Camp Qwanoes or other similar programs.
2. Set up mentoring relationships for older youth and utilize resources and training of the ‘Called to Influence’ program offered through FEB Pacific for the Mentors.
3. Utilize youth conferences and events offered in B.C. or other Provinces/States.

Guiding Principle #3: Ensure your soul and your mind are cared for and challenged
1. Attend annual FEB Pacific IMPACT conference and/or medium size church gatherings
2. Attend a bi-annual training course or event in Children’s ministry
3. Attend a bi-annual training course or event in Youth Ministry
4. Participate in staff development initiative from reading a book together, to the occasional retreat day for prayer and study

Attitudes and Skills
The Pastor of Kids and Youth plays a major role in the faith development of the younger members of the church, as a mentor and leader by example. The professional leader has a solid understanding of the Christian faith and a passion to nurture young people in their own faith. As a self-motivated creative thinker he/she generates new ideas and programs and is a person who values collaborative team ministry. The Pastor consistently demonstrates the following skills and attitudes:
➢ Is a Team Builder & Leader: Able to train others and effectively delegate
o Exceptional ability to work with children, youth and adults
o Excellent communication, mentoring, organizational and communication skills
➢ Teaches the Bible in the power of the Holy Spirit to see’ transformations’, not merely to transfer information
➢ Has a Personal connection and commitment to the OCC Missions Statement ‘LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS & SERVE THE WORLD’
➢ Is a Passionate Disciple-Maker to see Kids and Youth meet Jesus and be discipled.

The Pastor has a minimum of 2 years of Theological Education at an accredited Bible College/Seminary, has experience in Youth Ministry, holds a valid Driver’s License and most of all is called to and passionate about the work that is happening at Oceanview Community Church and wants to be used by God and become a part of it.