The Habit Coffee & Bakehouse Missional Lead Posted Nov 03
Urban Abbey , Thunder Bay, ON, Canada (nationwide)
Urban Abbey is a 2-year-old, neo-monastic church plant in the heart of Thunder Bay. It is our passion to reflect the face of Jesus to our neighbors. The Abbey is open and journeys with her community 24 hours per day, offering meals twice daily. We have recently constructed a beautiful prayer tower where the Daily Office is followed with six prayer services daily. We are porous to our community and there are activities happening daily. In our Artist studio we invite drama troupes, musicians, bands, dance performance, local choirs and visual artists to freely use our space. We are just completing the construction of a bakery and a high-end cafe. You can check out our environments at

The Abbey is now seeking a dynamic Jesus-lover to serve with us in offering our city the hospitable presence of Jesus through being the missional lead for The Habit Coffee and Bakehouse.

This role will shape a front-line missional environment through means of creating a coffee culture marked by excellence, a hospitality culture defined by love of stranger and a team culture dynamically integrated with the Urban Abbey ethos.

Responsibilities and Duties

This role will undertake the following broad categories of task fulfillment:

Dynamic and visionary lead for The Habit Coffee & Bakehouse
Manage day to day operations. Hours of Operation: 8am to midnight
In cooperation with other team leads, develop clear pathways for movement
from The Habit to other Urban Abbey environments
Coordinate and spiritually nurture the volunteer team who will mobilize the
deliverables for The Habit
Commitment to personal spiritual formation and grafting into the larger Urban
Abbey team.

The purpose of this role is to ensure that The Habit functions as a healthy dynamic, doorway into Urban Abbey while also creating an industry-leading coffee house ethos.

Both our customers and our volunteers are on a journey that needs to be directed towards God. This lead develops a volunteer environment that is relationship-based, incarnationally-styled and equipping oriented.
Developing growth plans for volunteers towards greater levels of management and leadership development.
Create the policies and procedures appropriate to encouraging the coffee, hospitality and team cultures indicative of Urban Abbey.
Make friends with our neighbors
Participate on the Urban Abbey Lead Team
Provide excellence in fiscal and resource management
Source local product wherever possible with emphasis on organic options
stay informed about advancements and best practices in the coffeehouse field
Develop collaborative relationships with peers in other coffeehouses in Thunder Bay

Qualifications and Skills

We are seeking an individual who has been dreaming with God about planting a church through establishing a cafe.

The individual that would best suit our current needs could be described in the following ways:

walking in a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ marked by dependence on the Holy Spirit and deep awareness of their own brokenness

a subversive radical, always seeking ways to bring transformation to the environments they inhabit
one who loves the kingdom culture of Jesus and leverages work environments to pursue that ethos
has proven organizational leadership skill
excited about joining a community that is pursuing God through a shared Rule of Life
life-long learner
able to submit to others in humility


The Urban Abbey staff ethos is marked by a group of individuals who walk by faith and raise their own financial support. We are a very young church plant and as we follow God together we believe that a time will come when we will have the income necessary to offer our passionate and highly committed team a greater level of financial compensation. Currently we provide our staff housing and meals as well as leadership training. We assist our staff team in fundraising for their own personal needs. We take joy in Jesus' words that you get the reward you seek.

Job Type: Full-time